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Flames of War 4/7th Dragoon Guards

I've never been much of a gamer in the past, collecting and painting models was where I got my enjoyment, but since starting out with FOW I've loved the research and history and trying to accurately reconstruct my force. I've played a couple of games and really enjoyed it. Obviously I'm not a competitive gamer I just like to have fun. :D

@SEC: The list I use is the Tyne Tees list from the Turning Tides Book. It's absolutely tailor-made for recreating my DLI force.

Anyway, enough waffle from me, I'm sure you just want my next update so here it is:

'A' Squadron 4/7th Dragoon Guards part of the 8th Armoured Brigade supporting 9th Battalion DLI at the Battle of Lingevres:

Tank 1: Sherman V, Commanded by 'A' Sqn commander Major Jackie D'Avigdor-Goldsmid :

Tank 2: Sherman V, 'A' Sqn. 2nd.In Command. 75mm Gun.
Dvr. Nixon From Northumberland aged around 35.
Co.Dvr. Vallance. ' ' Ex Policeman
Loader/Wireless Op. Tarran. Geordie
Gunner. Murphy. From Glasgow, Ex Miner
Commander Capt. John Stirling.

Tank 3: Sherman V, 4th Troop Commander. 75mm Gun.
Dvr. Cpl. Gardner.
Co.Dvr. L/Cpl. Carter.
Loader/Wireless Op. Cpl. Arnold.
Gunner. Tpr. Hillard.
Commander. Lt. Alastair Morrison.

Tank 4: Sherman 'FIREFLY'. 4th.Troop 17 Pounder Gun.
Dvr. ?
Co.Dvr. ?
Loader/Wireless Op. Richard Charles Eagles
Gunner. Tpr. Mackillop.
Commander. Sgt. Harris.
(Incredibly this tank knocked out 5 Panthers with 5 shots!!! For this incredible feat Sgt. Harris was awarded the DMC and Trooper Mackillop was mentioned in Dispatches!)


Tank 5: Sherman V. 4th.Troop. 75mm Gun.
Dvr. Tpr. Dagley.
Co.Dvr. ?
Loader/Wireless Op. L/Cpl. Draper.
Gunner. ?
Commander. Cpl. Johnson.
Unfortunately this Tank was destroyed by enemy fire and despite heroic efforts to save them, 2 of the crew died:
14344367 Trooper Reginald Dagley, 'A' Sqn., 4/7 RDG.
Killed in action on 14th.June 1944, Aged 33
Son of Arthur and Annie Sofia Dagley; husband of Ellen Kate Dagley, of
Watford, Hertfordshire.
He is buried in Plot Row C. 1. Jerusalem War Cemetery, Chouain.

3910476 Corporal Clifford Johnson, 'A' Sqn., 4/7 RDG.
Died on 15th.June 1944, from wounds received on the 14th.June 1944 at Lingevres. Aged 26
Son of George and Jane Johnson, of Cwmllynfell, Glamorgan.
He is buried in Plot XIV.H.2. Bayeux War Cemetery

The whole of 'A' Squadron 4/7th Dragoon guards:

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