Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Welcome aboard... I hope you enjoy the ride!

Well please excuse me because this is my first ever Blog post! Hope I'm doing this right because I'm hopeless with computers! In fact that's one of the things I feel cheated about a few years older and I'd have the excuse of being of an older generation...a few years younger and it would all be second nature...but no, I have the constant nagging thought that I just missed the boat! Oh well, bear with me and I'll do my best and try to learn as I go...feel free to shout advice at me anytime...or just shout at me if that makes you happy!

Now, what's this Blog all about??? Well a little bit of everything that interests me I guess. I'm a bit of a magpie I guess and I constantly find myself attracted to the next shiny bauble so I have quite diverse interests. I may find myself rambling and diverging but not too much I hope!

Primarily I intend this Blog to be about my love of painting miniatures. Notice I said painting and not gaming with miniatures? I class myself mainly as a hobbyist...I enjoy collecting and painting and converting. I love reading about backgrounds and trying to find accurate information and paint schemes etc. That's not to say I don't game..I do but very infrequently, and when I do I'm most definitely not a power gamer! I'm interested in the spectacle and the background and above all the fun of a game...winning or losing is irrelevant to me...although as my preferences usually lies with 'the baddies' I must admit it's always nice to crush the goodie goodies beneath my jackboots or cloven hoofs! (and when I lose its always in character too!

So expect to find lots of painted miniatures here from various systems, product reviews, a few battle reports, a bit of sportscasting and comments on current affairs and musings on life in general... I hope you enjoy!

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