Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A Grand Day Out

Got a week off work so hopefully should make good progress on the painting front this week, but unfortunately I've got to spend some time with the missus and my two little daemons too! ( which one is the Sith apprentice is still unclear as they both have so many differing dark talents! ).
So to keep them amused I took them to Bristol yesterday and we went Gromit Hunting! Basically the city has hidden 80 statues of Gromit (the famous Aardman animation dog) around the city. We walked miles and miles... Think I've worn their legs down to stumps and we've only found 32 so far!!




  1. Have you been following the daily Gromit that Steve has been posting at Bleaseworld? A worthwhile blog to follow in any case -

    I took my niece on a mini Gorilla hunt in Norwich the other week...

  2. Cheers Edwin. Wasn't following that Blog but it looks well worth a read so I've signed myself up.