Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Update and hello

Just a really quick update today... I've been away on a course with work so nothing new to report although work is nearing completion on my next two napoleonic infantry units and also a regiment of light Dragoons so hopefully I'll be able to put some more pictures up in the next week or so!

Also a big hello and thanks to my two newest followers... Brian Botzen and Laughing Ferret! You're most welcome !


  1. Hi - saw your replicas of 4th/7th tanks on the other site. I have some information which may help you complete your excellent record. I am the daughter of one of A Squadron, 4th Troop, Tank 4's crew and I have a photo of the actual crew and Firefly tank which knocked out 5 Panthers in 5 shots if you would be interested in it. I can also name the tank driver for you. There was no co-driver as Firefly's only had a crew of 4 to allow for storage of the 17lber shells.

  2. Hi Lesley
    Wow thank you so much for getting in touch !!
    Any information you could give me would be most grateful and I would love to see the photo you have of the crew!
    As you probably have read my interest and family links are with the DLI but through researching this battle I have become fascinated by it and cannot believe it is more widely known as it contains so much of interest and amazing feats of skill and heroism.
    I have tried to recreate the Durhams and the 4th/7th as accurately as possible and I hope you liked the fruits of my research!
    My interest in this small battle has led me to paint up the historical Durhams and the Dragoon Guards in my Napoleonic forces too!
    Thank you again so much for getting in touch and I'm sure you must be immensely proud of your father.