Saturday, 17 August 2013

Andrea Color flesh paints

Picked these up from flea bay the other day. Never used Andrea paints before but seeing as I've just purchased an Andrea model kit to try something different with I thought I'd give them a go! There are 7 paints in the set and they come in dropper bottles similar to Vallejo. Strangely the instructions are along the lines of "mix shade 1 with shade 2 to create a base" 
Not too much of a problem, but with 7 shades of flesh in the set you probably would expect it to be a bit simpler! I'm going to give them a try sometime over the weekend so I'll post an update on my findings... 


  1. I think they might be a bit heavy going for 28's. Aren't they designed for larger scale figures? Nevertheless, you don't have to use all the shades together and they do give the ability to create a variety of skin tomes while still maintaining the overall harmony within a unit.

  2. I've often thought of picking up their line for painting black. Hopefully you will find these very useful.

  3. Thanks for your comments guys. I've given them a whirl and they're very nice...although to be honest very similar to Vallejo. They thin down well which is probably very useful for all you airbrush users out there.
    You're right Gary that they're designed for larger models primarily ( I got them to try on an 80mm mini I bought ) but I see no reason at all why they won't be just as good on 28s.