Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Got this in the post yesterday. Fancied painting something different for a change so I thought I'd attempt a bigger scale. 
Being a predictable male I thought I would go for a scantily clad female!! 

Actually I thought it would be more of a challenge to paint a female as there's more skin tones to paint and I also thought the stockings would present an interesting challenge... And of course I like women in stockings! 
The miniature is from Andrea miniature's pin-up range and I got it online from a French company who's name I'm afraid escapes me for the moment...must be my age or maybe just the excitement of painting semi-naked females, albeit metal 80mm ones!
I'll attempt this project as soon as I've finished the couple of Napoleonic regiments I'm currently working on so watch this space....


  1. Looking forward to seeing your finished work.

  2. Cheers Andrew. I've cleaned the flash and under coated it today. Once I've finished the Light Dragoon regiment I'm working on I'll give it a go!