Thursday, 15 August 2013

what's on my painting table

When... I say my painting table I actually mean the dining room table... As my wife is always pointing out to me!! Every time I have a purge it seems to build back up again in no time at all!!

Well... Here's the current state of play. Look closely and you might just be able to make out 3(yes three!)regiments of British Napoleonic infantry, a regiment of Light Dragoon cavalry, some test build Austrian Napoleonic infantry (I was trying to keep those under my hat!), an 80mm Andrea miniature oh and a 1980s zoid undergoing some repairs for my daughter!  


  1. busy table great to see. I like to see full painting desk's
    Peace James

  2. Nice work, and you need to remind the wife tables are not ornaments and need to be used ;)

  3. The busier the better for a painting table.

  4. Haha... Cheers guys. Glad you can all appreciate the aesthetic beauty of a full painting table even if my other half can't !